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  • PicassoTiles 300pc Master Builder Magnetic Building Block Construction Set with Ferris Wheel, 3-in-1 Theme, Castle Click-In, 28 Early Education Alphabet Animal and Number Graphic, Car Truck, WindmillIn The Box80 Magnetic Backing 3-in-1 School, Hospital, and Police Station14 Various Window Tiles8 Math and Symbols28 Graphic Design Clip-in58 Clip-in Frames16 Craft Art Clip-in24 Equilateral Triangle9 Isosceles Triangles8 Isosceles Right Triangles5 Right Triangles4 Rectangle and L Shape Tiles16 Castle Clip-in8 Ferris Wheel Combo8 Quarter Round, Pentagon and Rhombus4 Detachable Large Wheels2 Expandable Windmills1 Car TruckBPA-FREE & NON-TOXIC – Lab Tested to be child safe and lead free.BONDING BY PLAYING – Entertaining for single or multiple parties and feel the sense of achievement together. Suitable for all ages (3+ and up) by one party or in groups together as team effort. PicassoTiles Magnetic Construction Building Blocks is made for toddler pretend play, educational purpose and moreLEARNING IS FUN, LEARNING BY PLAYING – Never too early to start developing children’s STEM skills from visual learning, strong sense of color, motor skill, geometrical shapes, magnetic polarity, mathematics, numbers counts, magnetic polarities, 3D architectural design, structural engineering, to even periodic table elements (available in the other sets) at early age and keep children occupied for hours of fun, making the preschool learning at its finest to finally bring peace and quiet time homeCREATIVITY BEYOND IMAGINATION – Promotes the child brain development. Encourage creativity which is the key factor to success in today’s ever-changing environments. Fun and entertaining, perfect educational presents for pre-school and school age children that will never go out of style. Magnet Tiles Building block stackable playboards toy kit is designed fosters hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills of all ages including preschool, group activity, classroom teamwork and kindergartenSCIENTIFIC & ARTISTIC – PicassoTiles has done it again. STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math all-in-one, enabling the kids to learn by intuitive playing and bring out the best of all to be artistically creative while technically, architecturally, intelligently and statically advanced at the same time. Explore the wonder of the world by using the idea book (sold separately) as brain teaser and guide to allow children to simulate and put the puzzle pieces together independentlyWhy choose Picassotiles?At PicassoTiles, we strive to help children build a foundation on core fundamentals such as the basics of physics, aptitude in mechanics, building, architecture, & teamwork. We create educational items to give the tools necessary for your child’s early exposure to the basics of geometrical shapes & expanding his or her creativity.We acknowledge that the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) is the benchmark that plays a critical role in a child’s early development stages of learning that will ultimately prepare them in the journey of life.Our tools encourage children to stay engaged at the task at hand while improving their hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, individual/group learning, critical thinking, & most importantly, self-confidence to succeed.We are proud to have successfully made a positive impact in classrooms & homes across the globe.Our Children, Our Future: Inspire, Growth, & Develop

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